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Success For Me Is To Inspire You

When I think of success the concept of SMART Goals comes to mind. I teach my students to set SMART Goals because this is the best way to set your goals. Make them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound. When someone gets the goal they set, we rightfully call that Success, because it is.

Of course there are everyday victories that are the backbone of how many of us get the inspiration to go on every day. I’ve been teaching the concept of “WIN Days” for a while. WIN is “What I Need” and it’s the goal for each day. Put a bunch WIN Days together and you get WIN weeks, months, years and ultimately a WIN Lifetime.

My WIN days come from knowing that I make a difference, especially when I inspire a

student, friend or family member to take an action that improves their lives. Some of them are small things and others are huge and life changing. Either way, it gives me a great feeling and a warm glow inside.

I love inspiring people. I love helping them see their greatness, we all have greatness within us. Watching them enjoy those moments of clarity, when they realize they “got it”, that is success for me.

I live for the big ones too, when we get breakthroughs in a coaching session and a student gains a life changing understanding. Someone said that “when the mind is expanded by one single thought it can never go back to its original size”.

I just love expanding minds and helping others grow. Inspiring them in whatever way possible. That is success to me.

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