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Limits? What Limits?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Who actually knows your limits?

Many of us have the ability to do so much more than we are doing right now. For some, we just need someone that has enough faith in us to give us the push, shove, kick in the butt or encouragement needed to get us moving toward success.

For me, it was a man named Ed Escobar. He believed in me when I still didn't believe in myself. He encouraged me in many ways especially with those wake up calls at 6 am. He coached me, gave me a chance and introduced me to my training and speaking career. He helped change my life forever.

Find someone to help you figure out what you need and push you to achieve it. It could be a friend, workmate, mentor or a coach.

And when people try to hold you back, dissuade you, mock you, limit you or try to stop you from being all you can be, just ignore them.

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