"All About You"                                                           ~ Vinnie Romano


Persuaders Lead

To a Win/Win Outcome

"But" Into "And"

A Practical Lesson in Communication

Ignore Them

A Positive Mindset = Success

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"10 Disciplines of Success"

                                                 ~ Vinnie Romano


Clarity, the 1st Discipline of Success, points us in the

direction to achieve our goals.


Focus, the 2nd Discipline of Success, keeps us on track to achieving our goals.


Action, the 3rd Discipline of Success, will impel your business to success and

help you achieve your goals.


Faith, the 4th Discipline of Success, dares you to be your greatest and achieve your goals in

business and in life.


"Tell Me Something GREAT!"                                                                    ~ Vinnie Romano

Do It Yourself

Learn When to Delegate and When to Do It Yourself.

Know Your Worth

Sales People MUST Know Their Value.

Throw The Stick

Learn Balance and Be Happier.

"Where's My Pony?"                                                   ~ Vinnie Romano

Where's My Pony

Look for the good in everything you do.

Everyone Matters

How Do We Treat Each

Person We Meet?

Sharpen Your Axe

Who Wins The Contest?