• Vinnie Romano

“The Secrets Of SMARTS Goals” Hit What You’ve Been Missing

Where Do You Truly Want To Be In Business And Life?

Here’s a thought: “You are achieving your True Desire right at this moment”. What you are, how you live, what you have, is all because of WHAT YOU HAVE DONE OR HAVE NOT DONE so far in your life.

If you truly want to “Turn Your Life Around” it is time for ACTION.

The great news is that YOUR PAST CANNOT CONTROL YOUR FUTURE. Do It. Own it. Be it. Here is some information that will help YOU create SMARTS goals that will work for You. Make sure that EVERY GOAL YOU SET HAS ALL SIX (6) ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS to dramatically increase your ability to achieve your goals. Then work until you achieve them.

SMARTS Goals Must Always Have These Six Keys

1. Specific: Are you crystal clear that your goal is exactly what you want?

2. Measurable: Do you have a way to determine when you’ve achieved your goal?

3. Achievable or Attainable: Do YOU believe in your heart that you can attain this goal?

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

- Napoleon Hill

4. Realistic: Will this goal be in balance with your life and

how you intend to live it?

5. Time Limited: Are you positive you can achieve your goal by your due date?

6. Something that is your “True Desire”: Are these goals special for YOU?

Your MUST ALWAYS set the Date and Time when

your goal will be IN YOUR POSSESSION.

To set goals you will achieve you must make sure that every goal is a SMARTS Goal.

That last “S” is the secret of what is missing for millions of people who fail to hit their goals. Get in touch with your “True Desire” and set your goals based on it to change your life.

“People Do What You Inspect, Not What You Expect” ―Louis V. Gerstner, Jr .

When it’s time to “walk the extra mile” or “do the last push up” you need to make the extra effort that you never made before. Here’s another secret, most people do much better when they have someone to hold them accountable.

Accountability is the 10th Discipline Of Success for a reason. Having someone to hold you accountable to your Action Plan will be invaluable to your achieving your goals. Get a coach, mentor or even an accountability partner who knows how to inspire, motivate, encourage and energize you. Be accountable and your success results will surely soar. You may even amaze yourself as you use SMARTS Goals to achieve your True Desire.

Written by Vinnie Romano