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People Need People

People need people. Forcing people to be alone is actually a punishment called solitary confinement. It hurts the mind, spirit and body.

Humans crave interaction, giving and taking, sharing, growing and the joys that come from having others in your life.

Success is like that too. When others lift you up, cheer you on, prompt you, encourage you and enjoy your wins it makes you feel happy and secure.

Most successful people have been on both sides of that fence. They have cheered others on and have had others help them achieve. They have given help and accepted guidance from others. They have lifted those around them and they were thankful to be lifted when they were down.

Successful people know that you will always be much more limited when you try to do everything yourself.

They appreciate others who are sincerely trying to achieve. They celebrate and collaborate with them because they want the ones who work hard and make a difference to be there at the top with them.

Yes, they have a desire to win and they are competitive. Their goal is to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. That is why they want to surround themselves with people who help them achieve better and faster.

Embrace those who truly want you to achieve. Surround yourself with them and give back as much as you can.

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