Goal Achievement Strategy

Workshops & Assessments

Laser Focused Individual Attention For You

in Your Private Workshop 

Build A Stronger Office or TEAM in

Your Group Workshop 


G.A.S. Workshops 

Personalized Goal Achievement Strategies

For Your Success

  • Four (4) Private or Group, Live, Online Video Strategy Workshops with Vinnie Romano; Master Trainer, Results Coach & Goal Achievement Strategist

  • Five (5) Powerful Mastery Video Packages to Support, Reinforce & Motivate


  • Learn To Use The 5 Metrics Every Successful Business Tracks

  • Includes All Forms, Charts & Worksheets You Need To Maximize Your Business Strategy

  • Each Strategy Workshop Is Recorded For You To Keep & Learn From Forever

  • Daily Inspirational Emails To Empower Your Success

  • Membership in Our Private G.A.S. FaceBook Group, "Success Strategies"

SWOT Analysis with 

One Hour Strategic Workshop 

"Success Is My Daily Habit" ~ Vinnie

You Will Learn:

  • An Overview of a Strategic Plan

  • To Understand Your Strategic Position


DISC Assessment with 

One Hour Live DISC Validation 

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You Will Learn:

  • Understand Your Clients Needs

  • To Increase Repeat Customers


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  • Add Power To Any Presentation

  • Control & Lead Your Audience

  • Be More Effective Every Time You Present

Live Seminars

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You Will Learn:

  • Why 1st Impressions Mean Customer Retention 

  • How To LOCK Your Brand In Your Customer’s Mind

  • The 5 Keys To Successful 1st Impressions

  • How To Exceed Expectations And Increase Profits

  • How 1st Impressions Can Increase Repeat Business

How To

"Make Profitable 1st Impressions"

How To

"Network Like A Pro"

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You Will Learn:

  • "The 5 Keys To Brand Locking"

  • To Establish Your Confidence, Competence & Credibility

  • How To Build Your Network

How To 

"Speak To Win"

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.18.25 PM.pn

Learn To Create & Deliver Profitable Presentations & Get What You Want From Business & Life.

These concepts work in one-on-one presentations, in groups or assemblies. 

How To

"Maximize Your Time Investment"

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  • Control & Monitor High ROI Activities

  • Be More Efficient

  • Improve The Quality & Quantity Of Your Production 

  • Increase Success & Income

Powerful "Life Management" program because "Time is Life".


You Will Learn Techniques To:

Custom Programs

The 90 Day Challenge 

 Spaced Training Event

Successful Work Team

The Challenge concept is to take a group with similar and common goals and help them in three ways:

1. Work on SMARTS Goals

2. Work to Achieve Goals

3. Be Accountable to Group

Your group will learn tools, tips, concepts and techniques which will enrich their businesses and lives for years to come.

A 30 Day or 60 Day Challenge

are also viable programs.

Call to Create Your Custom Training Program

Including But Not Limited To:

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 6.20.38 PM.png
  • Lead Generation and Prospecting

  • Building And Harvesting Your Farm (Book Of Business)

  • Objection Handling

  • Trainer Training 

  • Recruiting

All programs, keynotes, courses, workshops or breakout session can be customized to suit the needs of your company or occasion.

  Coming Soon!

Online Modules 

How To Get A Life You Want

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  • Time Management

  • Affirmations

  • Workbook

  • Online 24/7 Access​

  • Master Trainer

Coming Soon


Dreams Do Come True

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Coming Soon

How To

"Accelerate Success"

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  • How To Rock A Winners Mindset

  • Proven Strategies To Increase Your ROI

  • The SMARTS (not a typo) Goals Road To Success

  • 3 Simple Steps To Get The Goals You Set

  • Milestone Tasking For Peak Performance

Learn To Apply Goal Achievement Strategies Taken From Our G.A.S. Workshops

To Accelerate Your Success


You Will Learn: